This piece used the fluid and mutable properties of water and sound to create a daily, live interaction in the gallery.  Flowing water circulated through the space producing an active visual and aural experience.  

Composer David Smooke, with three additional musicians, created a spontaneous performance of water sounds using bamboo tubes and copper bowls to “play” the piece.

Water as an underlying substance and an essential element serves as a governing metaphor for understanding the universe in terms of flux and interconnectedness.  Yet, it’s the playful and unpredictable quality of moving water that motivated this installation -- the sound of dripping water as it strikes the surface of still water, sounds made by flowing water bumping up against an obstruction, or the plunking, hissing, swooshing and layering of multiple sounds echoing through the space, re-circulated to begin the process again.

An installation at VisArts in Rockville, MD
water, pump, wooden tower, bamboo tubes, pool

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